Why To Use Solar Energy For Your Commercial Purposes?


Do Solar team works with Australia wide customers and help them develop projects which will help utilize large quantities of the unused solar energy across the country. The focus of the project can be to offset the current energy usage and reduce the energy bills and invest in large scale solar farms.

We examine the client’s energy profile, site and location variables and then understanding their financial goals. Do Solar then calculates the size of the commercial solar power installation which is most suitable for the client we map the timeframe which will be required to realising the untapped potential in the client’s power consumption bill.

We at Do Solar utilize our position in the hub of Australian Solar Energy industry to find out the leading technology and value in the solar procurement from a network of companies which are out associates.

6 Benefits We Offer For Your Commercial Solar

Do Solar offers free service and a No Obligation Business Case Analysis:
Our team analyses your electricity bills and makes a recommendation on the size of the solar system that is most suitable according to the business’s circumstances.
We answer all the questions of the clients about the commercial solar power in an objective manner. Our Do Solar team helps your organization in meaningfully navigating sales pitches.
We at Do Solar have a network that includes most talented, prominent and competitive solar companies to satisfy the needs of any large scale commercial solar installation project.
The commercial team has a very high experience consultants who have diverse backgrounds in renewable energy, engineering, environmental science, finance.
Do Solar clients benefit with a organized and coordinated timetable which clearly provides specific stages of progress in the decision making process.
Do Solar also provides after sales support even after installation. We act as a third-party advocate and information provider and we facilitate the communication between the successful installer.

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