Want to spend $0 on electricity bills? Switch to On-Grid solar than batteries.

solar battery service

There is the simpler way to have 0$ on electricity bills. Nowadays most of the Australian households are investing like they can save their money on electricity bills which is beneficial to both sides financially and environmentally.
There are ways to reduce electricity bills:

  • Install enough rooftop so feed in tariffs will reduce the electricity bills.
  • Install rooftops solar and battery on grid.
  • Install rooftop solar, multimode inverters and generators to reduce the electricity.

So all the ways that are mentioned above will be helpful to reduce bills. The first option will be easier and will save your money.

And in second option installing the battery, but still need to pay normal households. It also defines that the user should also use the new technology way set to electricity with 3 phase power rather than one phase power.

Because 3 phase power has the capacity to install the solar panels and 1 phase power has maximum of 6.66 KW panels.

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