Solar Energy Battery System

Do Solar Offers The Most Advanced Solar Energy Storage System

Make most of your solar panel and its system of energy by getting a battery along with it. This investment is going to save that extra electricity generated by your solar panels in a great way and your overall generation of electricity will become better. This will allow you to have power whenever needed as the energy generated is not stored immediately but stored for days when you fear those blackouts. For instance- all those cloudy days can draw your space off the grid in terms of electricity and solar panel battery can be a savior for your home sweet home. Do Solar offers HIVE solar battery installation for residential owners in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs of Victoria and help make them save money. It is the most advanced AC coupled solar battery with built-in inverter. This solar power pack is easy to use and handle.

AC Coupled Solar Battery
Built-in Inverter
Modular Design: 2.9kWh – 17.4kWh
Easy installation and low maintenance
Blackout Protection Day and Night (UPS)
24/7 Monitoring
Clean Energy

Specifications of Hive Battery System

  • Storion- SMILE- B3 (HIVE) model comes with the output & input power of 3000 W to the maximum.
  • This HIVE model weighs about 58 kg with 610mm x 236mm x 625mm as dimensions and 96 and provides IP65 as protection.
  • This single phased battery has 13A as maximum input current and voltage ranges from 40 V ~ 58 V.
  • With the warranty of 5 years based on a product and 10 years on performance, this battery is an ideal choice.
  • Do Solar has attained the UN38.3, IEC 62619 (Cell), IEC 62619 (Pack) as a certification for this product to ensure its top-notch value.
  • It has inbuilt WiFi and is a low-cost solution. This is the reason we have sold 1400 so far all over Australia.

Why Hive Solar Battery?

  • The most advanced battery that can be expanded up to 17.4 kWh from 2.9 kWh.
  • 24/7 monitoring to avoid any uncertain blackouts
  • Better security of energy consumption
  • Made from environment-friendly material, so no waste is produced.
  • Hassle-free installation and maintenance
  • It has a modular design and a built-in inverter.
  • An entry law price for a modish product by Do Solar.

Get a solar inverter battery right away

You can save on electricity and contribute to your part of the world by going eco-friendly. Also, unlike others, this solution of excess power saving is a quiet one. No more worries about the roaring generators. This battery is going to a worthy investment for all the solar panel based households. So if you want to buy residential solar PV battery or to know more contact Do Solar and we will guide you thoroughly with the best.

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