How will your solar system work?

Ever thought how your Solar panels would turn the sunlight into usable electricity. The sunlight comes in contact with the panel’s Photovoltaic cells which are on the solar panel. The loose electrons can be captured so they move in the same direction of the circuit. The electric current is formed by the flow of electrons in the same direction. The panels are wired together forming an Array. The electron flow is created to produce Direct Current. The more the number of panels in the array more electricity is created. An inverter, which is of the size of a Shopping basket converts the DC electricity to AC so that it can be usable by the user.

solar panel diagram
How will your solar system work

A quick 5 step Guide For Installing Solar System At Your Home

Analyse if you have an Open Roof space :
The Solar Photovoltaic system or the solar electric system is very affordable and worthwhile throughout Australia. It is mainly about the consumption of daylight hours to generate energy. There are a huge majority of the solar PV systems in Australia which are connected to the electricity grid. The households utilize the energy themselves first and can sell the excess energy into the grid. To put in simple words, you can make the most of a solar system if you are consuming a majority of energy yourself.
Option to connect to a broader electricity grid:
You have an option to sell off the excess energy to the grid. As a customer, you can make the most of the solar system if you can consume most of the solar energy yourself.
Determining the Best size of the solar system for your household:
The size of the solar system is an important criterion and it will determine the amount of solar power consumption for your household. The available area/size above your house also determines the amount of solar you can fit.
Determining if you need Home battery storage:
Batteries are becoming popular and there are dozens of products to choose from in Australia already. If you opt for going ahead with battery storage, it can promise a very high degree of independence in terms of energy. But it is not advisable to cut ties with the power grid.
Making sure that you are on the right electricity plan:
Once the solar system is installed, it is widely known that Australia is a competitive market for retail electricity. To save maximum money using solar energy it will depend on who sells you the electricity.

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