Find Out How Much You Could Save On Your Electricity Bill. Get An Estimate Now.

Find Out How Much You Could Save On Your Electricity Bill.
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If you are the homeowners in Melbourne or regional VIC and are you looking to save your amount of money on your energy bill? You are at the right place as Do Solar can help you to save money on your power bills. We are located in Melbourne Victoria and we supply the best solar panel system & inverters (2kw, 3kw, 5kw and 10kw) to commercial and residential owners across Victoria and help make them save money.

How Much Amount Of Money You Can Save On Your Energy Bills?

The amount of money you can save after installing the solar power system at your residential or commercial property depends on your average monthly energy consumption patterns and how the solar panels are positioned. To have maximum savings, your solar panel should be aligned correctly, and their tilt should be perfect to produce the maximum amount of electricity.

Federal Government STC’s And Its Benefits

To encourage more and more people to install solar panels as an alternative energy source the government has offered significant incentives to the homeowners who qualify for it. Do Solar is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer and provide affordable Solar Panel & Solar Power system Installations in Melbourne VIC.

Residential Financial Incentives? Am I Eligible For It?

The Australian Federal Government has currently offered Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) to homeowners who will use renewable energy. When the homeowners invest in the eligible solar power system, wind power unit or hot water device, they will be granted STC depending on the size of the energy system and the location. To find out if you are eligible for the Federal Government STC’s, call us at 1300 845 262 to schedule an Obligation free Consultation.

Do Solar have served happy customers in following suburbs Of Melbourne : Brighton, Black Rock, Cheltenham, Elsternwick, Highett, Moorabbin, Melton, Sydenham, Rowville, Wollert, Officer, Dandenong & many homeowners in regional Victoria.

Claim Up To $2800* In Rebates & Interest Free Loans From Solar Victoria

This is the high time, you should go solar. Do you wish to know, why? Obviously, when the Victoria government is facilitating Victorian households to go for the solar system installation with some great rebates under the Solar Homes Program, then why not get it done! And, when there will be no longer those hefty electricity bills, you cannot be merrier.

Now, the question is, what exactly is the Solar Homes Program and how it works. So, give us a chance to enlighten you in the same regard. Solar Homes Program is a solar panel rebate scheme by Victoria government, now you can claim up to $2,800* in rebates and interest free loan from Solar Victoria. This effort has been facilitating many homeowners so far and you can be a part of it by checking your eligibility.

Eligibility Criteria For Rebates & Interest Free Loan From Solar Victoria

Let’s check if you are eligible for the rebates and interest free loan from Solar Victoria, below are the eligibility criteria –

  • This scheme is valid for Victorian households only.
  • They should be the owner of the house for which they are going to apply for the solar panel installation as well as the rebate for it.
  • Last year’s Australian tax office notice of Assessment should clearly depict the annual income of the house owners less than $ 180,000.
  • Your property value should not exceed more than $ 3 Million.
  • You will not be eligible for the Solar Victoria rebate if you already have a solar PV system* installed at your property.

Once you qualify with the above eligibility criteria. Then you need to contact Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers who are authorized to participate in the program and can meet your energy needs. Do solar is Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers and can help you claim rebates and interest free loan from Solar Victoria under Solar Homes Program. We will guide you with the complete process and make sure we provide the best customer service. Then why are you waiting, Contact us now!

Moving ahead, let’s know that, it can be a complex process to be sure of every aspect of this system before you get into it. So, understand everything related to this scheme by the expert to avoid any hassle.

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