Types Of Solar Power System

Solar a renewable energy source that will never run out. It’s also a one of way to power your home or business and have both financial and environmental benefits. The most significant advantages for the solar-powered home and business is its constant ability to generate power. The solar power system generates more power during the daytime that of at sunset. What’s more, the solar system is reliable, requiring little or no maintenance and with potential life-spans of several decades.

There are three types of solar power systems, they are as listed below:

  1. On-grid System
  2. Off-grid System
  3. Hybrid System

On Grid System

On-Grid System

On-grid is the most common type of system used, Also known as grid-connected solar or grid-tied solar. The On-grid system is connected to the grid and no batteries are attached to the system. This type of systems allows the owners to get power from either the solar system or the utility grid. A major advantage of an On-grid system is that system exports any excess power generated back into the utility grid for which the owner gets paid credits. Whereas on the other side the solar panel system is unable to work efficiently during cloudy days or at night.

Off Grid System

Off-Grid System

An off-grid solar power system is a system which not connected to the grid, and you already knew that, right?

But what may you not know that is that uses solar batteries. The off-grid system is not connected to the power grid and therefore requires battery storage.

This type of system is ideal for those who are unable to connect to the public grid or who are living in remote areas. An off-grid solar power system is similar to that of an on-grid system, expect some additional components.

Hybrid System

Hybrid System

The Hybrid System is a grid-connected solar system with battery storage. It functions similar to an on-grid solar system. However, it uses batteries for energy storage for further use at the time of power demand peaks or low production due to less or no sunlight. Now that the batteries price are diminishing, the solar panels system which is already connected to a grid can start taking full advantage of solar batteries as well. When the stored energy is fully consumed, the power grid acts as a backup, allowing users to use both powers.

We are living in an era where the hunger for power is always at a peak and with the significantly increasing price of fossil fuels and the growing concern for the environment, there is hunt to resort to alternative sources of energy. Among the other renewable energy sources, Solar energy is a reasonable choice. As the new technologies are being developed the solar prices are going south, and creating several opportunities and possibilities dealing with the problem for clean energy and its cost.


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