Solar Rebates Now Open For Small Businesses To Reduce Bills

Solar panel installation is no longer an expensive green requirement. In fact, this installation has become more sustainable than ever with the changing times and advancements in technology. The more governmental initiatives in the favor of solar panel installation are grabbing the attention of the people and they understand the cost-effective benefits of this alternative energy. The Australian Government has always been in the support of this amazing transformation for households towards green energy.

Now, with exclusive rebates, the chances of persuading the residents of Victoria to stop using conventional means of energy have increased and people are keen to go green. The recent update on the rebates given by Lily D’Ambrosio will highly benefit the small businesses based in Victoria. The chances of 200 jobs are potentially there with this updated program of a solar panel for small businesses. A significant rebate of up to $3500 is available under the Victorian Government’s new scheme for Small Businesses.

The core idea behind this initiative is to facilitate small businesses and at the same time promote green energy in the state. There will be 15,000 solar rebates in the upcoming 3 years, which will immensely benefit the small business owners. However, the small business must comply with the Victorian approved product list and must go for a solar PV with 30 kW of capacity. Also, they must opt to get the installation done from the authorized retailers as well as installers to avail the benefits of the rebate.

Gladly, Do Solar is fully authorized to let you avail all the advantages of this rebate. Being a small business owner of a company with at least 20 employees, you will experience a significant decrease in the energy bills and that too with a reduced upfront cost for solar energy. This program will work well with the rest of the $1.3 billion solar home program by the Victorian Government, which has provided $270 million rebates after the launch in 2018. This scheme will drive the interest of small businesses to opt for renewable energy transformation.

The earlier program helped numerous households of Victoria to make the most of solar hot water, solar panels, and batteries and now, this one is targeting the small business. All in all, the Victorian Government has a great way to help people of distinct occupations or simply the residents via unique programs like this recent one. If you are also looking forward to getting the rebate, connect with Do Solar and let us help you from the scratch with all the authorization in this prime sector of solar panel installation.

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