Solar Panel System Installation Cheltenham VIC

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Solar Panel Installation in Cheltenham VIC to Enhance House Values

Solar Panels & Power System Installations Cheltenham VICCheltenham VICsituated in the southeast of Melbourne, has colourful weather conditions. Every month seven to ten days it rains here. Sunlight shines through the year. However, the rents for houses here are between 450 to 510 $, and the homeowner looks to improve the value of his house to claim a higher rental income. The value raise becomes easy for you if the Solar PV system or the Home Solar System is installed.

You can buy The Residential Solar Installation in 5 kW and 6.6 kW power outputs. In case you need 5kW power 15 and 20 Solar PV system will require anywhere between 25.5 – 34m2 of roof space. Similarly, to generate 6.6 kW of electricity, you will need 17 to 22 panels. The 6kW Solar Panel System makes between 17.4 and 27.6 kWh a day (or 6351kW and 10,074kW per year).

The amount of power your system provides will change as per your location, roof tilt, shading, and the time of year of intense sunlight. The more intense the sun is in the sky, the more peak sun hours you’ll receive and more the power is generated efficiently. The benefits that accrue will also vary as per these factors.

With guaranteed savings in the power bills, the extra power of the Home-owner is fed into the grid and compensated for to the homeowner. Also, the most desirable benefit you get is to protect the environment from harmful (fossil fuel) emissions due to the Solar PV system’s emission-free operation. The Australian Government offers you the Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) for the purchase of the Solar PV System.

Now, to a create a sustainable future for your children and grandchildren you should decide to buy the 5 kW Solar Panel System or to buy 6.6 kW Solar Panel System to suit your sunlit roof area. For getting an estimate for energy calculations, costs and other details, visit our contact us page.

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