Solar energy is the popular renewable source of energy and has continued to grow in popularity over a decade. More than 2 million Australians have installed solar PV system and, numbers are still rising. Even though Solar is a popular choice, there are still some misconceptions and myths about installing a solar PV system. That’s why we, Do Solar are here to debunk the myths regarding solar PV system.

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Four Common Myths about Solar Panels System.

Myth 1: Solar is Expensive

The myth is false. Solar isn’t expensive. Installing solar panels system on your home is affordable and economical. At Do Solar, we always want to make solar simple, affordable, easy and hassle-free for you, which is why we can help you in finding the best and quality solar products options. Moreover, you can take advantage of rebates and interest-free loans and long-term savings on power bills.

Myth 2: Solar Panels Won’t Save Your Money
One of the most reasons why people want to install solar panels is because of the savings they will enjoy for years to come. While the amount of the savings depends upon serval factors, which includes the size of the solar power system, your home energy consumptions and how much power can be generated by your specific system. Generating your power for your home with solar energy can significantly reduce your energy costs to mere dollars on the cent. So this myth is false.

Myth 3: Installing Solar Panels Lowers Your Home Value

Well, quite the opposite. Installing solar panels on your home increases your property value. A solar-ready home is attractive to potential buyers because it saves them in the initial expense of having to install the solar panels system for themselves. So the myth is false.

Myth 4: Solar Panels Can Damage Your Roof

Okay! Roofs are expensive and, we all love our house and properties. Installing or attaching anything on the roof would be a foolish choice as there is a risk of damage. Installing a solar panel on the rooftop is not similar to parking your a car on your rooftop. As long as you hire a professional solar panel installation company, you won’t have to worry about damage. We at Do Solar pride ourselves in providing excellent installations and top-quality work-manship that we stand behind.

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